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Let us change the world by using TED to crowd source an idea. Part 2

TED is awesome. TED is all about great ideas. TED brings us all together.

In the first discussion, we created multiple ideas for ideal reasons. Now, we shall expand the best idea from that list, based on crowd vote, and expanding on it.

The idea was introduced by Jimmy Strobl and it is called Autonomous Traffic. According to the website, it involves electricity-powered cars that can be run by themselves. We, the public, should now expand this idea to make it a working model for us.

For more information on Autonomous Traffic go to http://autonomoustraffic.webs.com/

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    Jan 25 2012: If you are interested, I put together a project and a team based on your idea @ http://www.wesolver.org/wiki/TED_Ideals_to_Working_Models

    Again if this doesn't seem to fit, we can work together to change that or I would be willing to explore the idea of setting up a wiki site exclusively for this purpose. Let me know your thoughts.


  • Jan 25 2012: what about a platform for it? A new type of conferencing system where scientific ideas even of the ridiculous / science fiction ideas are actually talked of and collaborated upon together? P2P
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    Jan 25 2012: First start with defining the ideals, a wiki based website like WeSolver or anything based on the MediaWiki application would do. If you are not in a position to start one on your own, please consider WeSolver, if there is no fit (I think there is but I could be wrong) then I would be willing to explore setting up an additional Wiki for this purpose. Either would give you a platform to define ideals. Plans for WeSovler already include the concept of polling/voting on solutions but the same could be included in any wiki site based on MediaWiki. Once you have the platform for people to start working together on the ideal solutions, you can start projects to test the ideas, the projects can be used as a point of coordination for gathering the resources and talents to implement the ideas or at the very least define the working model for others to employ.
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    Jan 22 2012: Speaking of "Let us change the world by using TED to crowd source an idea." please consider WeSolver.org to do just that!


    • Jan 22 2012: My concept is to make ideas from ideals and then make them into working models.
      • Jan 22 2012: That's a wonderful suggestion -- it needs a lot of data as well as intuition. -- Thumbs up
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          Jan 25 2012: and a place to collect and share the data and the intuition with others to coordinate and collaborate in making them real.
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        Jan 22 2012: If there is any way I can help please let me know.
        • Jan 24 2012: Come up with ways on how to achieve the working model.
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    Jan 19 2012: Hmm trying to post more info but it doesn't take. Try this. Copy


    into your web browser and make sure to add www. to the beginning.

    It's cool cause you can see the car and engine running.
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    Jan 19 2012: No sure if you saw this but thought you might be interested.


    Use GPS technology with this and computerized routing. Chip all license plates to be tracked for traffic control...