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Open Source University, Open Source Civilization

I propose the consolidation of all open source movements and organizations with the mandate to create the largest consortium of actionable knowledge that outlines a blue-print for becoming 100% sustainable, 100% recyclable, 100% independent, and capable of assuming 100% of all the needs of 100% of the population of the world with fewer resources, zero waste, and zero pollution, while systematically eliminating the need for human labor thus freeing every man, woman, and child from all economic and time constraints allowing us pursue higher purposes unabated. I propose the establishment of an accredited Open Source University, an Open Source Political party, and an Open Source Civilization by which all knowledge is a common heritage of our entire species.


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  • Feb 17 2012: Very nice idea.
    Lets suppose we have achieved that, a full open source university.
    But could a person with an open source degree still be able to find a respecteble job?
    Or what would he do with an open source degree?
    I really appreciate the hard work done in this field.
    But talking about open source or free online courses like Stanford courses and MITx with friends, there first reaction is, OK that's great but what do I do with it.
    These are great sources of knowledge, but in real life you live with bread not ideas.
    If these ideas are to gaine popularity or to spread they must have practicul uses specially in developing countries.
    Acquiring new knowledge is great having courses available for everyone is great but unless a practicul use is found I don't know??
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      Feb 18 2012: For one thing it would give people a way to learn the jargon of any prospective field. Much basic information using sites like Kahn academy could help people who are held back by illness or poverty. It could work if there were mentors helping people through.

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