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Open Source University, Open Source Civilization

I propose the consolidation of all open source movements and organizations with the mandate to create the largest consortium of actionable knowledge that outlines a blue-print for becoming 100% sustainable, 100% recyclable, 100% independent, and capable of assuming 100% of all the needs of 100% of the population of the world with fewer resources, zero waste, and zero pollution, while systematically eliminating the need for human labor thus freeing every man, woman, and child from all economic and time constraints allowing us pursue higher purposes unabated. I propose the establishment of an accredited Open Source University, an Open Source Political party, and an Open Source Civilization by which all knowledge is a common heritage of our entire species.


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  • Feb 17 2012: I think it would be great if we could create local platforms like mini TED conferences/science fairs/community forums that dealt with solving local problems and building economic development initiatives which could invite/employ students, grand parents, and the unemployed to contribute and collaborate in creative projects. It would be great if there were weekly or monthly public meetings/events which would propose small competitions and projects, and it would be great if these events and groups were networked with other communities spurring a cohesive effort to deal with these issues. Small groups could form to research and develop presentations for these events to purpose them to the public. They could be discussed, debated, and practical solutions refined, pitched, and implemented. I think this would empower creativity and provide a means by which great ideas could be disseminated to the public, and it could serve as a means to encourage kids to think and create instead of spending time playing video games and looking for trouble. We need to create something to tap into the immense creativity and passion of our children and give everyone an actual platform by which they can truly affect change. I think this would allow people to take back control of our future and would be a great strategy to evolve civilization.

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