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Open Source University, Open Source Civilization

I propose the consolidation of all open source movements and organizations with the mandate to create the largest consortium of actionable knowledge that outlines a blue-print for becoming 100% sustainable, 100% recyclable, 100% independent, and capable of assuming 100% of all the needs of 100% of the population of the world with fewer resources, zero waste, and zero pollution, while systematically eliminating the need for human labor thus freeing every man, woman, and child from all economic and time constraints allowing us pursue higher purposes unabated. I propose the establishment of an accredited Open Source University, an Open Source Political party, and an Open Source Civilization by which all knowledge is a common heritage of our entire species.


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    Feb 8 2012: A worthy goal! An issue to resolve will be keeping the mountains of data manageable and accessible. When profit is no longer the motive, I believe people ultimately work for the common good. The open source movement is truly a triumph of humanity.

    The project i am involved in has parallel goals of offering open source blueprints for sustainability with the added element of social sustainability- as in how to go about meeting the needs of the humans beyond those of survival. sustainabilitynonprofit.org
    • Feb 9 2012: Since posting this I found out about the Khan Academy which is very close to what I have proposed in an OpenSource University as well as wikibooks and wikiuniversity which could also evolve into something truly trans-formative. It's crazy the more I dig into TED the more I see ideas which I have dreamt about but thought were so very far away but are happening right now in several places all over the world. I think soon there will be an Open Source machine that can be built from off the shelf components from radio shack which could build an even more impressive machine that will be capable of 3D printing absolutely anything a person could imagine out of carbon alone.

      Thanks for your post Andres I'll defiantly check out the project you're working with.

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