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Do you think alcohol can be healthy?

Dietitians and nutritionists often say "a small glass of red wine a day is beneficial for your health".

Do you agree?


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  • Jan 18 2012: .
    Dieticians and nutritionalists say alot of things...
    (Previous Biologist speaking here).
    Just do what you think is right , keep your foods somewhat varied and in moderation, try and throw in a few vegetables, fruits and glasses of water from time to time and keep relatively active when possible, both physically and mentally.

    Apart from in particular cases (and judging by your picture you're not one of them) the ideas presented on the subject of diets etc etc is more or less nonsense with no observable benefits. It usually contradicts itself after a set period of time and I see no legitimate reason to take any notice.

    That being said, It won't hurt to follow such ideas put forth by these groups (besides your bank account), but it won't do anything that you'll ever notice, unless you can convince yourself otherwise (but still doesn't do anything).

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