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How should I organize my committee to prepare for my TEDx event?

I am in the midst of organizing my TEDx event and am looking for some advice on how I should assemble my committee. How many positions do I need for my core team? As organizer how many roles should I take on?

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    Jan 20 2012: I am new to TED and speak without experience. However, I would first find the location/facility where this will take place. Are there hotels, resturants, entertainment, transportation, etc ... How about advertisements, bulletins, and printed matter? Name tags. Get a bid from a local printer. Lighting .... sound systems ..... projectors ...... head set microphones ..... I would concern myself with the basics and then work on the specifics. By looking into this first you will eleminate any conflicts with other events occuring in the area at the same time competing for these same items and areas of concern. Gustavo gave good advice to contact past staff and teams. Best of luck.
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    Jan 19 2012: well if you want make event the first things you should doing is found out core of your event,what is your goal,who is target audience you want influenced with your event, and the end of event you should know how much your event can influenced audience do they feel satisfied or consider your event interesting?. I think that is important point of the event. After you know core and goal of your event so you may make comittee on every each division and head of division who will take control of one division for example division funding funds you should have one head of funding funds division and two or three member in the division,totally how much people depends division you need.
    at the last coordination and communication become important role because with good coordination and communication it will make event successfull
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    Jan 19 2012: I forgotten. You can take a look too in TED Conference staff and teams of other TEDx events. Best!
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    Jan 19 2012: I think the first step you could do is make list of needs or general things you think may you need for your event. When you've done this list, you'll have a vision for separate sub-teams or sub-groups. At the moment you have this sub-teams, you could make calls and send emails to take contact with possible interested people to get responsabilities with each sub-team.
    I hope that this advice is useful to you. Sure there are many other ways to follow.
    Best wishes!