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Is autism the result of human brains moving to the next step of neural connectivity? Is this evolution in action?

While watching the 60 Minutes show on the remarkable intellect of a young man who was, for a time, treated as autistic, I was struck with the idea that maybe the current epidemic of autism is due to selective breeding. Humans have evolved with a unique brain mass and neural connections that give them an intellect beyond that of other primates. To achieve our brains, there have no doubt been many instances of trial and error where greater intellect was selected for, and mistakes selected against.

Just as two tall people tend to have tall children, intelligent parents can have intelligent children. That intelligence can be considered to be both hard wired as well as acquired. Maybe the children of smart people with complex neural networks possess new nervous connections, pushing the evolution of the brain. The "mistakes" may be children for whom the nervous connections are not fortuitous while the new nervous connections that are good can create a child with a remarkable intellect....much like the profile on 60 Minutes.

Evolution means species are never static...this may be such an example.


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  • Jan 22 2012: *There are no winners

    *than analytical

    and grammatical errors in regard to your whole bigger role last phase of statement

    Don't be so emotional =o)

    And read of the classic examples of the past and the present -- the man who can calculate numbers faster than a calculator even by using combined algorithmic equations in his head. The man who can visualize the insides of sophisticated electronic components. The man whose son was diagnosed with aspergers and he was an elite stock trader and he was then diagnosed as well

    It does not seem as though it is a syndrome, if kept in check and there IS a scale. Feel free to have a conversational debate with me (just be sure you are on the same level playing field as me, for I can overwhelm you with data in a VERY short period of time)

    Also, as for people who have interest in these topics, I will be lying out an outline of Aspergers syndrome as a radical step in internuronal connections being of a higher capacity and if reinforced through support can lead to highly developed technological builds for our civilization (civilization and society relies upon high functioning Aspergers individuals to be made of dreamers and doers; when people work with their own "gifts" after they understand that the rules do not apply to them and that they are special (the largest forum for people with Aspergers syndrome is WrongPlanet.org after all)...You can see how the modern and future worlds are built by us but neurotypicals' tools allow us to make science fiction simply reality =o) It's a balance and don't confuse autism with Aspergers. Read books by Sascha Baron Cohen's brother, they are excellent reads and watch documentaries to learn of extras and augment the scientific field by shifting paradigms. Lastly, Autism and High-Functioning ASD (Aspergers) are a blessing and a curse; Many of us feel as though we do not have a place, but that's just due to a lack of self respect.

    • Jan 23 2012: Well, I am probably at your level or above it because I do not have to use faces such as =O to convey a point or mark not so obvious errors in "spelling". Overwhelming me with date will not make you correct because they have to prove there is a causation and not just a correlation. We are not talking about the benefits of having Aspergers, we are talking about if it is a evolutionary step.

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