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What are we teaching our children?

They say that children learn from the environments that we create for them. Our societies and environments are in such a mess, so what does that mean what our children will be learning for their future to progress? What can Society and Governments do to change this and to actually give our children a future to attain to?


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  • Jan 18 2012: The central theme we're teaching our children (atleast in modern UK society) is that living the life of 'know nothing, be nothing, do nothing, care free, don't worry about tomorrow' is the best way to live, and to be honest, who could be surprised.
    English society has outright demonstrated (mainly though the employment and the welfare system) that such a lifestyle is often superior to those who try, educate themselves and strive for a better way of life.

    -With an economy almost entirely limited to low-standard jobs that specifically target those without skills or ambition (those who wont quickly leave for better things)..
    -A welfare system that, for many, is a vastly better alternative to working from all conceivable angles.
    -A financial system where you can live like a king for a decade, only to lose your worn out possessions, write off almost all of your debt and then rebuild your credit to do it all again..
    -An educational system that forces many students into life-long debt (money well spent when no work that correlates to the qualifications is available and re-read point 1)
    So, whats to teach? We have a society that inherently generates an idiocracy and where the arguments in-favor of being anything else is vastly outweighed.

    For shame, society!, for shame!
    • Jan 18 2012: It is a sorry state of society that our children aspire to that 'know nothing, be nothing, do nothing, care free, don't worry about tomorrow' way of life. Perhaps I am being old fashioned in wanting my child to learn and to enable him to make a better life and go on to do something that could perhaps benefit others. It makes me sad, yet angry to think of the children who are bright but are not given the encouragement by their parents. Yet as you say, the Government does not help by hindering students with life long debt. Society and Governments need to waken up before it is too late to help our children.
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      Jan 20 2012: I was very disturbed reading your entry.....it is the same here in Miami.

      For shame, for shame is right......

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