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How to remember things in a better way??

I have problem in remembering things.
So I want to know how can things be learned so that they remain for more time with us.
And is it good to remember things that such as numbers that can be looked down in books??

  • Jan 20 2012: When studying, I like to visualise my brain like a bookshelf. Actually picture yourself sorting out the different topics/subjects and arranging them on the shelf - one shelf for economics, one for accounting, etc. I think the structure in which you "place" things in your bookshelf will help you recall that piece of information later on.

    Also, when reading a textbook, read it "top-down". Read the index first to get yourself grounded for what's to come, and then jump through all the pages, just reading the chapter headings. OK, so now you have a high-level view ifo the whole textbook. No go through Chapter 1, and do the same thing, only go through the headings within chapter 1. So on and so for, until you end up reading the whole detail.
    I find this helps you "sort" the topics out and organise it on the bookshelf in a cleaner way, so when you try to recall the topics later during the exam, there is a more distinct path to the answer.
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    Jan 19 2012: I will give you a little example, let's take the number Zared Schwartz gave: 9548731234 or 954-873-1234.
    When I need to remember any number, I try to find relations among figures, and that makes some hints to remember the number, even though those 'relations' and hints are not very strong.
    So, first 3 figures: 954 (9=5+4; how not to confuse it with 4+5? You may think that these 3 figures are descending order), then, after domination of 9, goes 8,7 again in descending order; then appears 3, which... simply makes with the last figure, 7, quite a round number 10 (10 is only in your head). There's probably no problem with last four figures =]
  • Jan 18 2012: If you want to remember something, give it meaning. Look at any object and associate the object with any meaning and you will remember it better. This is called priming. If you want to study the meaning, use partial studying habits, so,study with brief time intervals. If you want to remember long set of numbers like 9548731234, divide them up into small sets of numbers such as 954-873-1234. Also, keep in mind, try to study 5-9 bits of information per time interval or you will get encoding failure.