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Bring everyone together that wants to change education! (Facebook, a website?)

We have been talking a lot about education in the last years. Now I propose, that we do something about it by bringing the people together, that are wanting to make a difference and change it!

I know many people are fighting on their own every single day to make our education better. And those people are literally all over the world.
We also know that you can only make a difference when you work together and connect people.
Just today I had some ideas for my school and my teacher told me, I need to get the students together to make a change.

So I say, we NEED a website or at least a page on facebook (since we have this possibility) to connect people and make a difference involving the whole world in education!

Thank you for listening to my idea and helping the world!

  • Jan 30 2012: I created this Facebook page for everyone to join the fight for better education! Please join me and help to make a difference.

    If you have any ideas, please tell me and I will change it and imrove it.
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    Jan 28 2012: Hi Maximiilian,

    I run (currently in my spare time) the website and would really like to now open up the issue to a much wider audience. Fancy helping me set up and run the UQC Facebook and Twitter sites? I currently don't have the time to do this myself and it would be great to get students involved.

  • Jan 21 2012: I agree -- Collaboration is essential! Your passion and enthusiasm will take you far!

    Came across the website, The Campaing to Reimagine Schooling, which might be a place to connect with like-minded people ( A description from their website explains:

    This page is part of an overall campaign involving many partners which encourages people to reimagine what they think schooling could be like.. The aims of the campaign are:

    1: to debate the current function of schooling for society
    2: to debate what roles and values people learn from schooling
    3. to debate the purpose of schools
    4. to share ideas about reimagining the school
    5. to bring likeminded people together to take action on those ideas.

    The page is managed by Ian Kehoe, a doctoral researcher at the University of Sheffield and Dr. Anthony Montgomery, an Organisational Psychologist at The University of Macedonia, Greece.

    The campaign is not intended to challenge schools but is being run in the spirit of enabling everyone to take collective responsibility for, and have a voice in transforming, our schooling process - and our society.
  • Jan 19 2012: If you decide on a website, I recommend: