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Is E-Learning competitive enough if compared to Class Room learning?

With so many modules promoting E Learning / E Studies hitting India and the world, the question is whether this platform will be as beneficial as the old class room method.


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    Jan 19 2012: sounds interesting question..i have seen two point of view about this..as we know technology changing a lot and influenced our life as well. i have two side of this point..

    Firstly if you see from e-learning or e-studies probably we will know technology dominated on it. We didnt use traditional method for learning but digital for example student did must attending class because they can learning lesson at home or everywhere. so we will say e-learning become good method for learning because reduce our time,cost etc.

    Second if we say about old classroom method we will see teacher teaching students in the class, on this point we will see students can make their argument clearly because we meet each other but its not reduce time and some people say its not efficient for some people.

    I have conclusion about two point above whether e-learning or old classrooom its depend which one you need or choose. If you have busy time probably you may choose e-learning its beneficial but if you havent much busy time probably you will choose old classroom.

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