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Is E-Learning competitive enough if compared to Class Room learning?

With so many modules promoting E Learning / E Studies hitting India and the world, the question is whether this platform will be as beneficial as the old class room method.


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  • Jan 19 2012: The short answer is remote learning for adults: yes. E-learning is training.
    I live in a small town in the desert corridor of northern Mexico, and far away from a medium city, so when a major and prestigious university announced a “virtual university”, I decided it was time for my MBA. The university had just invested in a satellite TV channel. Back then this was the newest technology, and it was expensive. It showed a type of forward thinking that top notch universities are supposed to have.
    There would be about ten of us in a classroom and we would watch a big screen. Five hundred miles away a professor would lecture in front of his live classroom/studio. He would have about 40 local students so he would have facial feedback. Instead of raising our hand we would pick up a phone and call in. Calls were picked up by a number of assistant professors and if they considered it relevant the call would be broadcast live. We would turn in our homework at the local office of the university where twice a week they were sent to the main campus by parcel. We would receive our graded papers in about ten days. The university assigned the best professors to the new system.
    It was fantastic. Then they tried to “fix” it.
    New was not good enough. They wanted newest. And newest meant more computer, less professor. Lecture hours were reduced. Professors were stripped away from their classroom and would attempt to talk to the camera. They started to sound like when you left a message on an answering machine (remember those?) The lessons felt canned. The only reason I finished is because I was already eighty percent into getting my degree, but the education value was lost.
    From my experience, remote learning can be fantastic for adults if it is done right, more so if other options are limited. The system, at least that system, will not work for children. But e-learning will never be an education, only training.
    Update: I am having second thoughts about posting this opinion, since

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