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Making our lives and lifestyles more humane through being more in-tuned with our feelings & natural heritage - Nurture our bond with nature

As we are now living in environments which have very little of the small but significant things what nature as to offer. Even our environment have become virtual. Most of our interactions are void of personal contact. In such situation, how can we be more humane? How our virtual interactions can become more humane? What we need to consider consciously now during our daily experiences when our consciousness is developing in a world which doesn't breathe the same way as before?

Avatar is a movie which has inspired in me few ways that need to be part of our lives. We need to more in touch with nature. We need to feel each splash of water that comes into contact with our face or each stream of juice that drops on our lips. We need to be more aware of words we type and the vibe we give when we are no longer present physically. We need to stop by once in a while and feel more all that world has to offer to us in any possible way.

Can you share some possible ways to be more humane?

  • Mar 15 2011: hmmm, be grateful, gratitude is always humane
  • Jul 2 2011: Come to think of it. Its not that hard. All we have to do is reconnect with nature on the minutest scale. Appreciate the little things which we had lost sight of.

    Take a walk, Pet a dog. Recycle, Go hiking up the hills. Ambition has become a synonym for indifference. Lets get back to who we are. Beings of nature, just like every other organism. Its no fun being the outsider.
  • Mar 19 2011: For me -
    Slowing down, way down
    Dropping into my body and getting out of being only in my head - focusing on the sensate that is happening very internaly and also with the 5 senses.
    Reminding myself and reflecting on the truth that all sentient beings want security and happiness - in this aspect no matter how different we are, we are the same, beings seeking these things - the Dalai Lama speaks to this often.
  • Mar 12 2011: Some possible ways to be more humane... i find it to be a tricky question.

    If belived that we are capeble of doing anything, nothing we do execlute us from being human.
    in that case it is vary humane of us to attempt feeling and learning with all of our sensors and to project every viberation we desire. judgment is something we apply on duality. in that matter, if taken prespectives of right and wrong, light and dark, hate and love, i belive we will come to the conclution that it is all too human, also the desire to rise above humanity itself.
    The one aspect that does concern me, is where things are being origenated from.
    nauteral stractures such as space and biology are above our conscious mind and are governing us. from within, in menners of subconsciousness, and from 'out side' as the universe. we as human in learning nature, try to trace and use it for our oun wishes. this procces of learning nature and maintaining *expiriece based technics led us to write our DNA and to preserve it in forms of athics and coulture.
    modern science as evidence base knoledge and the concept of empirity has taken on it self a tesk that would put some of the old technoligy *expirience based skills, in the dark. this new modern world has little faith in the human abillity to know things and there for to expirience the universe.
    i would call this fear of human nature.

    Nowdays we tend to trust our algorithems and computers colculations to guid us throu life, to motivate our economics and to control our comunication systems. in this new reality, we neglact an aincient walk. the path of our DNA. the memories and expiences that are writen down is our collective mind, and in the universe itself. these machines that we made to help us achive some goals are now curtainizing us from our much deeper whishes. some that are our wildesd 'childest' most fundemental wishes we need to atchive in order to be 'happy'.

    returning quastion is, in no boundarieswhat are we really wishing for?