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Can computer games be designed to deliver education in an effective manner?

With high school drop outs becoming a national epidemic and kids terminally bored with education in its present delivery format, could a series of educational games be devised to get kids from pre-school to high school graduation? I'm talking of games so compelling and interesting, yet gradient in skill levels, that ALL schooling will become home schooling and the costs of running brick and mortar school districts would disappear into the dust bin of history. The money saved by municipalities could be used to supply every child of age 3 with his own gamer system. My feeling is that incredible skill sets could be taught in short order, including cognitive skills that could rival autistic savant levels. It is becoming more clearly evident that we either get smarter faster or we welcome back the 12th century.


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  • Jan 18 2012: Educational computer games have a long history of failing, because its awfully hard to make a game thats both educational and interesting.

    Typically the basis of History and Geography often play significant roles in pc strategy games and since the mid 90's we've had games typing games (shoot bullets at zombies by typing the word on screen) that weren't the worst, but how 'educational' these games could really be is questionable.
    So unless you're counting sudoku, brain training and crosswords, I can't think of an educational game that could work.

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