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In what way has the TED community changed your life?

TED has helped me a lot this past year, mostly in the way I think about myself and others, how has it helped you? Maybe you changed, maybe you helped something around you change... I want to know

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    Jan 18 2012: It has allowed a stage for the meeting of the minds. It allows the facilitation of endless exchanges in which, if you choose, have the ability to become a part of at any point. Something like TED creates a massive amount of awareness towards thinking in general, and allows a platform to engage it... something like that can only be good!
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      Jan 18 2012: Well said !!
  • Jan 17 2012: It's given me hope in humanity again; Now knowing that my ability to find like-minded, thoughtful, intelligent, educated, innovative and creative people isn't limited to a chance encounter on a random website anymore.
  • Jan 19 2012: I just loved finding interesting topics, discussions and debates. It's also been refreshing to find other people who have been trying to find the connections between their passions, knowledge bases and other topics outside of what they know the most about. TED has been a great resource for that.
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    Jan 18 2012: I've just joined the community and I have already read so many interesting thoughts and perspectives from people all over the world. TED has helped me to connect with like minded people who I ordinarily would have never encountered.
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      Jan 19 2012: TED - Intellectual Facebook, where people engage in sharing thoughts, not pleasures.