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How do you think school work is effecting teens?

Stress' effects
medical problems
emotional problems


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  • Jan 17 2012: I'm more concerned with the outcome from the current educational system than anything else.
    Here in England we have an excessively large number of individuals who leave with no qualifications, no abilities, no skills and the idea that education is not worth pursuing.
    An incredibly poor educational system that is based on potential exam questions (rather than vice versa) plays a significant role in causing this.

    It actually gets worse for many of those who do succeed especially in an economy like this, where most of the skills and qualifications you CAN manage to gain have to little/no relevence to any available work, so you typically have to compete for work with those who never bothered in the first place and are sometimes LESS likely to get it as most companies prefer to hire people who won't leave for better things.
    What a world we live in.

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