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What do you need more of to feel happy, secure and at peace?

What will it take for you to feel personally happy, to be secured in peace, to be your best??


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    Jan 19 2012: The main thing to remain happy, secure and with Peace is to accept the situation with which you are going in...
    1.Think out the persons living in worse than you are...You will feel secure
    2.Close your eyes and try to remember the face of the cutest child you had ever seen...You will feel Peace
    3.Accept the situations as they are; fight to get out of them but think out positively....for eg. Failure does not mean you lost everything instead it give you the way how that problem can not be solved... You will feel happy
    :-) :-) :-)
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      Jan 19 2012: It is important to have a tool to maintain our perspective at all times - I love your #2 Shobhit; the baby image - I have it inside my eyelids. I close my eyes and I see it and feel the peace. It is amazing how we all come into this world equipped with acceptance, tolerance, love and trust.

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