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create a wiki based website which will allow everyone to collaborate to solve the most important problems that face all of us.

An opensource and inclusive site where people can submit problems and solutions to those problems which will retain the best of what we know now in terms of solutions and evolve as we do in our understanding of what works and what doesn't through trial and error (if nothing else) could be of immense value to everyone. If the same site could provide a way to collaborate on projects to implement solutions it could become an incredible resource. I am attempting exactly that with WeSolver.org please take a look and let me know what you think of the idea


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    Jan 21 2012: This is a great idea, not a new one however the same ideas are reinvented as technology moves forward allowing for new iterations of the same idea. I would be concerned about the role of sharing of and/or pooling of large quantities of capital for public use. Sharing of knowledge, ideas, through open and clear communication is the paramount goal here.
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      Jan 21 2012: Thanks, I definitely understand that this is not a new idea, in fact I am fascinated and encouraged by how many people have come up with it (TED Conversations is yet another flavor). If you have heard of this talk: http://www.ted.com/talks/steven_johnson_where_good_ideas_come_from.html it (I think) explains something behind what is happening right now in terms of crowd sourcing the solving of problems (of all kinds) I used to be kind of depressed when I would have a good (and what I thought was unique) idea and it turned out that others had already had it. The fact does remain though that it is a great idea that needs a great execution. It is that execution I am working on now and there is obviously far to go :)

      The main things I aim to do differently with WeSolver is execute better in every way and to support it entirely through donations (no Ads), keep it open to everyone (even anonymous users) and the most important part (the part I have not been able to accomplish yet) is to provide exactly what you are concerned with, a way for sharing and pooling not just capital in terms of money, but skills, time, energy and material resources! I absolutely agree that this is a critical concern, unfortunately at the moment I need some help, it is on it's way but not here yet. When it arrives, that is where WeSolver goes.

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