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Is cloning animals and humans acceptable? Own beliefs? Religious views?

many scientists around the world are cloning animals and although cloning humans is not currently acceptable, they are working on so soon will be. Is this morally right?
Are we playing with god's nature?


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    Feb 1 2012: I think cloning is something we can benefit greatly from if we think about cloning meat and so on, but cloning living animals and humans is another question, if you take the religious approach i have to ask the question: if it goes againts gods nature to clone a living creature would it even be possible to do so?
    I think we need to understand why we are doing it before we do it.

    Having the technology to clone organs and meat will save allot of lives and personaly i dont know why it is necessary to clone a living human being, i might see the nessesety in cloning animals if they are about to go extinct, i think if we are going to clone a human there needs to be a good reason for doing so and there probably is.

    Personally i am not religous, so for me there are few moral boundries for me to object to cloning, but then again i know very little about the subject.

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