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Is cloning animals and humans acceptable? Own beliefs? Religious views?

many scientists around the world are cloning animals and although cloning humans is not currently acceptable, they are working on so soon will be. Is this morally right?
Are we playing with god's nature?


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  • Jan 24 2012: Human and animal cloning are not morally right. We have been seeing now the miracle about life and how the life maybe is designed by a wonderful creator. Let´s see the video about Alexander Tsiaras: conception to birth, it is amazing!!!
    In fact, cloning is not nature, is manipulation, and many animals have dead and sick.
    • Jan 31 2012: Building cities is not natureUsing computers is not natureUtilizing agriculture is not naturePoetry, music, painting and sculpture are not natureNature is eating raw what you can hunt or forrage and burrowing into a den. For the most part, a natural existence sucks. I like to go visit it every now and then, but by and large I prefer civilization. I enjoy a lot of benefits from living in an environment manipulated in an unnatural way. I don't have a problem with gengeneering, cloning, IVF, DNA sequencing or stem cell research. Knowledge about nature and the skill to manipulate natural systems have benefited humanity since we started walking upright.

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