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Suggestions for speakers

Hi All,

We are planning our TEDxPlazaCibeles 2012 edition. Our main theme is about "common people, outstanding ideas" that can change the world. We are focused on social entrepeneurship, but any other suggestion is welcome.

Could you suggest an outstanding speaker?.



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    Jan 20 2012: Ad Broere, Dutch economist and former banker.
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      Jan 23 2012: Hi Tim,

      Thanks for your answer. I have been reading about Ad Broere and he has an intereting profile.
      We will make our best to fit him in our event.

      Thank you once again,


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        Jan 23 2012: Thanks for the reply. I've been in contact with Ad about the TEDx event, and he's really interested.
        If you'd like to contact him then you can find him on facebook (under his full name) or via his website (http://www.adbroere.nl).
        I think he'll make a great speaker, especially on the social entrepeneurship part!

        Kind regards from the Netherlands,



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