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Is Social Networking really as dangerous as its projected to be?

Given a choice, I would prefer sitting in front of a computer logged in to one of the popular social networking sites. I love reading what other people have to say about their parenting, culinary skills, some event in their life, what are they upto at the moment, etc.,

Of course, there is a possibility, we may be revealing a bit too much for someone's comfort or our discomfort. But is it such a huge risk that it could jeopardize our lives or cause huge mnetary losses from which we could never recover?

Your experiences/thoughts on this matter will be very helpful.


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    Jan 17 2012: I feel that the people are over reacting to the social networking sites by disclosing thier emotions,happiness which in turn should be enjoyed with only some limited group of people who are closer to their heart rather than with the whole world to know the things of u
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      Jan 18 2012: Thanks for replying Balakrishna. Is there any danger that you see in Social networking sites? To answer your qestion, extroverts don't bother much about showing their happiness / emotions even in front of a stranger. from what I see, social networking sites from what I see never forces an introvert to post something if he doesn't want to.
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        Jan 18 2012: Well when we are talking about the social networking sites which in turn includes all soughts of people,with all kind of mannerism,even the extroverts & introverts But unfortunately from my experience, introverts vastly outnumber extroverts.

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