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Is Social Networking really as dangerous as its projected to be?

Given a choice, I would prefer sitting in front of a computer logged in to one of the popular social networking sites. I love reading what other people have to say about their parenting, culinary skills, some event in their life, what are they upto at the moment, etc.,

Of course, there is a possibility, we may be revealing a bit too much for someone's comfort or our discomfort. But is it such a huge risk that it could jeopardize our lives or cause huge mnetary losses from which we could never recover?

Your experiences/thoughts on this matter will be very helpful.


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    Jan 18 2012: The internet is probably the most ground breaking, unintentional social experiment in the history of mankind.

    Only time will tell as to what extent we shall utilize this tool. I feel the question is not so much as is Social Networking dangerous, but rather if human nature is dangerous and that Social Networking aids us in our intentions.

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