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The Power of Thinking Big,were is the limit?

People love to dream and we live for dreams,some of our dreams are described as "Imposible"
were do we look and follow in order to accomplish our dreams,
apart from the right preparation (mental and physical) ,
what alse do we need to make our dreams come true?


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    Jan 18 2012: That's the whole point to existence- insure a future capable of solving the problems of existence. Thinking big is thinking forward. Without an ideal positioned in the future, we lose our humanity. Hell, even an animal considering the source of his next meal is future oriented. The elemental notion is that the future is wide open because it is unknown and, as such, can't have a limit other than what we THINK it will be. If we think big, we'll live big. If we think small, not only will we live inconsequentially, we may even bring about or be helpless against our extinction. Plenty of near earth orbiting asteroids out there that have our name on it. At the very least, we have to have a civilization that can avoid a near earth object extinction event.

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