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The Power of Thinking Big,were is the limit?

People love to dream and we live for dreams,some of our dreams are described as "Imposible"
were do we look and follow in order to accomplish our dreams,
apart from the right preparation (mental and physical) ,
what alse do we need to make our dreams come true?


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    Jan 17 2012: Personally I think the most important part of making our dreams come true is expecting big from ourselves, this is often something that hold us back from achivieng what we want, we have to accept limitations and work to overcome them and believe in ourselves so in that way we can work to see those dreams come pass.
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      Jan 17 2012: Rightly said Oscar!
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      E G 10+

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      Jan 17 2012: I can expect many big things from myself without wanting to accomplish them , to make them true and real.
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        Jan 17 2012: If a man expect big from himself and have enough potential to reach something big, or something that could impact the place where he lives but just doesn't want to, then he's mediocre.

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