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a return to supporting natural childbirth.

I have been a labor and deliver nurse for 22 years. Over that period of time I have witnessed a transformation in the way women are cared for by the medical community. There seems to be an attitude that women need to be "cured" of their pregnancies. Why? From my experience all that does is to increase interventions such as cesarean sections, epidurals, and inductions. It has put a strain on the health care system and has not improved outcomes.

Closing Statement from Mary Shade

I'm really disappointed at the lack of participation on this topic. I really thought more voices would share their insight and/or feeling on this matter. There has been so much research done about childbirth as it should be...with as few interventions as possible and with as much love and support for the mother and her newborn as humanly possible. For more information go to and read the literature made available on this wonderful site.

  • Feb 16 2012: Well they are in a hospital, where people usually "need cured."
    What's wrong with them having babies at home like in 99% of human history - worldwide?
    Maybe start a midwife group for that. What about water- or gravity-assisted birth?
    (I've recently read a little about cutting the umbilical cord too early - is that bad? And circumcising babies seems criminal !)
    Yeah I'd rather people didn't start thinking of pregancy as something bad.
    Have you asked others in your field about it?