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Do Self Realization and Self Creation happen simultaneously?

I feel so. However, George Bernard Shaw said, Life isn't about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself. Can we create ourselves without self-realization? If one has to choose the investment of his precious time in either finding itself or creating itself, do these need different/ separate/ special time & approaches? If realization happens with a mix of spiritual & real experiences then can self creation happen in real world? Are spiritual & real world different? What is the best way?


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  • Feb 11 2012: Hi Manuj,

    I find myself well connected with you. In order to be effective in any giving situation being connected remains to be important.
    So in order to know more about the confusion one needs to know the knower and instruments of knowing that the knower is using and find out where is the root cause of confusion originated.
    Lets say that I might be standing at the window looking out at the sky and I may see the sky appears dirty. Now I have to find out where the dirt is....before I conclude that sky is dirty. The instruments to see are my eyes..let me clean my eyes first and see the sky...if still does look dirty than I may conclude my eyes as instruments are clear. Now let me see the medium thru which I see...glass.. let me clean them and then see ...do I still see the sky dirty! if I do ...let me clean the glass of the window...and once I see thru clean eyes and clean window glass sky would appear clean and not dirty...
    same way lets look at the thinker who may look confused. Thinker is always independent of thoughts and when he is bound by thoughts he appears to be clear or confused in thoughts depending up on the nature of thoughts yet he always is separate from thoughts.
    Now if we get in to the nature of thoughts..I would say that they are conditional, circumstantial and thus are not fixed. Why would I worry about somethings in life if they are conditional and not fixed? But we want them to control and change them rather than see them as moving phenomena. More we try to control those things which are more and beyond control we loose our intellectual and spiritual equilibrium .
    I feel that you are very well grounded and balanced thinker and with full equilibrium and that moment you realize that
    confusion, contradictions and even pain are of the nature that are temporal , conditional and time bound when you are
    well established, predictable and deep inner thinker.

    Now allow your self to spend more time with this well established, predictable thinker.
    • Feb 11 2012: Mr Shah,

      Two amazing thoughts by you which made my journey further interesting are that mostly what we call self creation is self manifestation and thinker is always independent of thoughts. I can imagine what you meant by self manifestation, this resolved a personal situation... though i do feel the need of appreciation, but i seldom feel good when people appreciate any thing done/created by me. Because, what others feel creative is (now i realize) a known manifestation to me.

      I think i should remember that tendency to control self also leads to control things beyond my control. A bit of acceptance there would allow me far more time to remain focused on things which i can do. Thank you. Its good, i think that is why we need friends, to remind us of some forgotten thoughts at the right time(like the sky through the window) and also provide with a fresh perspective, like, i am independent of thoughts...i am a medium through which my own chosen thoughts pass...experiencing them & allowing them to to pass through is important than trying to change/control them. A bit of acceptance & patience will help me.

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