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Do Self Realization and Self Creation happen simultaneously?

I feel so. However, George Bernard Shaw said, Life isn't about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself. Can we create ourselves without self-realization? If one has to choose the investment of his precious time in either finding itself or creating itself, do these need different/ separate/ special time & approaches? If realization happens with a mix of spiritual & real experiences then can self creation happen in real world? Are spiritual & real world different? What is the best way?


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  • Jan 17 2012: Hi Don,

    Thanks for the link. Some of the thoughts are very nice to know.

    "My own experience gives me a quick answer to your question and my reply is 'No.'" .... 'No' is definitely the quickest and the shortest answer. And perhaps it is the answer. But which part of the question did you reply to? In the middle of confusing thoughts even i tend to give this answer to myself. But then, i choose to explore it. I feel that it is very important to know oneself and then stick to a chosen path.

    Hope, you reflect yourself more and i get to know the details of your experience and reason(s) behind your belief.

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      • Feb 6 2012: Thank you so much Don. Would love to know the details of the process you went through in last three weeks. It will mean a lot to me in getting perhaps a different perspective.

        Thank you,

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