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Let's Create a Global Declaration of Loving Intention

If we truly want to make the world a better place, we need to make radical changes now. Tinkering with our broken system isn't going to work because there's a race on between those implementing a one world government, ruled by them through their financial system, weapons and various methods of mind control, and the rest of us participating in a massive, global awakening. The good news is, all we have to do IS put our attention on the solutions and the awakening will spontaneously ignite to encompass the entire globe in short order.

The first step we need to take towards accelerating this global awakening is to understand that what is holding us back is not THEM, it is our own collective beliefs in the old systems and institutions that shaped our beliefs and values. We are our own jailers. If we want to unleash the boundless creativity and love that exists in us all, we need to clear away the old thinking that directly or indirectly supports the institutions and systems that block our unrestrained thinking.

Geographic boundaries are a perfect example of one of those old ideas. According to our current global system of geographic, territorial boundaries, your lot in life is predetermined by how lucky (or unlucky) you are to be conceived in a particular mother's womb. According to theory, anyone can scratch and claw their way to a good (or great) life (plenty of food, water, shelter, education, clothing, meaningful relationships, leisure time, etc), regardless of where they happen to be born, but try and tell that to a resident of North Korea or Zimbabwe or Liberia.

How about the idea that the natural resources of the planet are private property as if god decided to make certain families the heirs to the world's resources? No way!

How about the idea that it's OK to force people to pay to kill and maim other human beings as is the idea of wars funded by income taxes? No way!

So how can we possibly address this and all the other obvious injustices? Change yourself.


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    Jan 21 2012: More concretely then you believe in the right to live and act as you wish

    "I also find fulfillment by interfering with other people's 'way to live' experiments when their 'way to live' includes hurting or controlling other people. That doesn't mean that the people who are hurting or controlling other people don't have the 'right,' it's just that in my 'way to live' experiment, I don't like that behavior, so I will do my best to stop it. Not because I have any more 'right', but because life is a contest of ideas and I'm rooting for the people who run their 'way to live' experiment the way I do, because that maximizes my chances of me getting what I want. More love. More peace. More fulfillment."

    within the limits of if you do what others dont like they can stop you?

    Seems like a dangerous mix. If there are enough people whose life experiment and fulfillment comes from eating you alive do you concede this is their right? The basis of rights then is strength in numbers or physical power?

    I won't argue with that I feel that human rights really only include the right to die, its the only thing birth guarantee you.

    However what we have come to call human rights are the basic rules of the social contract that we demand from it when we agree to live under the code of behavior that the contract encompasses.These are the rights I would expect to be enumerated in a constitution, your statement of rights sounds like anarchist maxim and what has that to do with a constitution?
    • Jan 21 2012: "…your statement of rights sounds like anarchist maxim and…"

      "…what has that to do with a constitution?"

      Nothing. The only reason I listed those thoughts about fundamental human rights was because you said you would like to hear my list?

      " I have a question posted asking people to list what they see as fundemental human rights I would like to hear your list."

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