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Malaria affects half a billion people, 40% of the population live at risk of contracting the disease and more than one million children die.

Malaria affects half a billion people, 40% of the population live at risk of contracting the disease and more than a million children die every year on the planet.The problem is that. Malaria reaches Brazilians, Americans, Canadians, Mexicans,Asians, Indians, Chineses, Europeans, Africans, South Americans ....and more than one hundred countries. The discussion is open. I invite all the TED community, teachers, college students, researchers to think big on this subject that have the greatest responsibility for mastering the knowledge. Who qualifies? We can not be blind, deaf and dumb on this public health problem. What can we do to prevent this tragedy let pass through our eyes every day? Dr Wanir Barroso, sanitarian and researcher in epidemiology by the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation / RJ


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    Jan 15 2012: I am only 13, and as you said this comment is open to everyone on TED, I will reply.
    My good friend Mia has malaria. There is a 50% chance she will die. Knowing this has made me want to help research to find a cure for malaria. Many of my friends and I have walked for malaria; we've collected over $500 so far, and it's been only a month. We are continuing to walk, collect money, recruit people, and make a difference for Mia and millions of other children/adults in the world.
    Last week, we not only continued to walk everyday, some of us have gone to hospitals to visit some malaria patients. I'm surprised to find out that malaria patients are not only in Africa, but in New York, too. When I make a malaria patient smile, my heart warms.
    Not only should we make a difference for malaria patients, but for cancer, lupus, and many others, too. I've lost more than enough close people to sicknesses, and I do not want to just sit back and watch it happen. I do not know if this is very helpful, but I'm hoping I can inspire you and many others to get out there and make a difference for everyone in the world.
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      Jan 15 2012: Dear Haley, my congratulations for your testimony and your explanation, despite his 13 years of age. The internet has this role to make people more educated, more informed, more compassionate regardless of age. I am a doctor of malaria and how you feel sympathy for these diseases that lead to great suffering and killing. Only good-hearted people care about them. If I had a trophy in my hands to represent the dignity and love of neighbor I would give you now. Type my name into Google and access the Malariabrasil, I maintain a site on the Internet to clarify and inform people.Tell me more of her friend Mia, I can try to help her.

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