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Have you ever met a person too seductive that something's magical about him or her in your life?

I have met one and her seductive character is amazing that almost all of people who are acquainted with her seem to be attracted to her largely. Based on comments by the people around her, she's both seductive to men and women. Her character seems to be categorized as a female dandy, according to Robert Greene's Art of Seduction. However, there seems there exists something very elusive and mystical in her character that really attracts virtually all people around her.
Wondering if there's anyone out there who has ever experienced this kind of person and seriously questioned the origin of the seductive power.

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    Feb 14 2012: I have met people like that, and yet have been described by people as being like that, so the truth is that the seductive nature of any person is firmly grounded within the identity that people project upon that person due to a lack of what each person unconsciously feels is a necessary level of projected identity. If you take the time to study this issue, you'll find that the most seductive people are the ones who offer the least amount of personal exposure to others, both intentionally and unintentionally.

    The people who've described me as being oddly seductive had always been people who were much more interested in me than I was in them, and those who've piqued my own interest have never been struck by my "seductive nature". In a way, that kind of proves my point that seductiveness is created in the mind of the seduced, and is often inversely related to the level of desired access that the seduced is able to achieve with the seducer. It's all about contextual relationships and not really a definite quality of its own.
  • Jan 16 2012: Unfortunately, not yet.
    But I really hope to meet someone I cannot simply resist:)
    Sounds like too dramatic and idealistic, though.
    • Jan 17 2012: I seriously do not mean to offend you at all, but you seem to be too young to ever experience what is carefully written above. I am very well aware that it is very dangerous to determine a person by just that small thumbnail revealing your face, but I would like to say with very much care that you may are not old enough to feel any empathy toward what is written above, which is firmly based on an individual's empirical evidence, and what has been hotly debated among psychologists including the prominent writer Robert Greene. There is a point that I cannot just dismiss; you were dogmatic in hastly dismissing one's serious inquiry as something 'too dramatic and idealistic.' Thanks for your comment.
      • Jan 19 2012: Hi, Gaga
        Thank you for your advice,but the quote of "Sounds like too dramatic and idealistic" was all about me.
        I suspect that you've misunderstood my point there.
        And I am sure that I wasn't being hasty since that sentence was just about myself and my dramatic dream.
        I was fascinated by your question and understood it.
        More importanly, my comment was sincere.
        I want you to stop taking the last sentence too seriously.

        Please don't get me wrong.
        And I don't want you to be upset about it.

        Anyway, what I really meant is that I really want to see 'that kind of person' in my life who is so attractive that everyone around her cannot resist her magical attraction.

        A word to the wise, sometimes it's also important to observe people with empty mind, rather than focusing on analyzing their traits. You know, I personally like to let curious things remain curious.
        Btw, it's also just my personal opinion.

        Elizabeth (Not 'that' young T.T)