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How could China ever become the best in the world, if the people doesn't have the freedom of their mind ?

China will be the biggest economy in few years. By 2050, China's economy will be twice the size of the U.S.. China will the no doubt the economic and political dominant of the coming years. China produces half a million engineers every year, very high skilled engineers and workers, specialist at the highest level. But there's a huge difference between knowing how to solve a math problem and creating a a math problem. The Chinese people are like a machines, they learn and memorize complicated subject, and then become good engineers. But creating a new thing, takes very very big innovative skills. How could the Chinese people have a creative way of thinking, if they don't have a free mind ? They are being censored, the internet is being censored, they are not allowed to express them selves and therefore do not have the mind freedom that is so important for the creativity. If china keep this trend, it will forever depend on the western technology and innovative people, wouldn't it. I don't think its possible to deal with this problem without allowing people to think and do what they want to do. But that would be unacceptable as it will mean to stop censoring the internet.. So what do you think ?

  • Jan 22 2012: "To become the best," (most powerful), maybe they are getting all their money from all the world's billionaires, (and the some of the U.S. trillions), as well as having lots of nukes.
    There is a big difference between having knowledge, & having soul. Knowledge (engineering) they may have plenty of, and will lead slowly to a few new steps, but to nothing of any merit. Perhaps only freedom or bravery can bring such merit. They won't be free. But can they be brave? (Or maybe in the next 2 years they'll have all the computers & robots doing their thinking & doing, yes?)

    Perhaps the Chinese have been weakened, in a way, from being able to hide safely behind their wall for so long. They've had very tight constrictions on their music (music is powerful) for many years too.
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    Jan 15 2012: don't forget that per capita numbers count. total numbers don't mean anything. just because there is an imaginary line on the maps around a place called china, it does not make the output of that area anyhow more relevant. the EU, for example, outputs much more than china at the moment, and the population is less than half.

    one could say, the success of china is that they can hold together such a big empire. this result might impress some, but personally i don't care. i care about the people. so please come back when the median income in china exceeds the US or EU level. at that point, i will raise my hat, and congratulate them for the great achievement. but simply being bigger is not interesting, sorry.