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Have all "modern scientists" forgot that all these bogus "parallel universe" theories are still just unproven theories?

It seems like any new related "explanation" is basing itself on unproven preposterous theories such as the "Ive got no damn clue about that so lets invent the answer" parallel universe theory.

It seems not to be IN unless you support that "the king is not naked" conspiracy to get public tax payers funds for "research".

I say: "NEXT!".
What do you say!?


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  • Jan 16 2012: Well, I have to admit, should the concept of parallel universe was true, it was solving many problems we encounter while trying to explain certain phenomenas concerning the properties of matter.
    But then, an explanation that while the energy particles (in much deeper scale into the atom) are spinning around each other, at some situations it "looks like" matter and in some it does not, or - there is something we do not understand here, should be better than "Ok! It comes from a parallel universe! - solved!"

    Which is, to my opinion, quite stupid.
    I am very sad to say so. I work in that same area, and I see how "science becomes a joke".
    This era in science, as called "modern science" is going to be remembered as a humiliating era to science.
    Let's talk in 1000 years :-)

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