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Is Music dying?

The mainstream music today is just about alcohol and partying. It doesn't portray emotions, individual ideas, thoughts or sensible experiences and the music is generally auto tuned- talk about originality. Bands like Coldplay who one's were praised by critics for their sensible music and for song like Viva la Vida, are now trying to go mainstream by producing house music.
It's been proved by psychologists that house music to a large extend reduces the intellectual ability of ones mind. Also the Raps which generally involve usage of abusive terms have a negative effect on children.
Obviously most of what is mentioned above is my opinion and I personally like Classical Rock and symphonies. I generally listen to Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles and Mozart


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    Jan 16 2012: Music is not dying. Music from the 1900's will always live on; in fact, even being 13, I listen to mostly Beatles, Adele, Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Jethro Tull, etc. They are all great bands that changed music and made it better. Sure, music today is about bad things and not made from the soul, but do you really remember any of these songs? They fade away quick. There is still music out there that is soulful, beautiful and has meaning. Music gets us through lots of things; it will always be a big part of our lives :)
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      Jan 17 2012: Even I am 15 and listen to basically the bands you mentioned but that kind of music is not being produced anymore, to a large extent. The music produced today does fade ut quickly from our minds but then they come up with something which worse to irritate us. I agree there is still some good music but the problem is that it isn't attracting the attention it deserves.
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        Jan 19 2012: First off, shout out to the young people in an adult world! I'm 15 as well, and i love music. Really, there is no type of music that i dislike except for maybe heavy metal and screamo, because it scares me, haha. But music is my life, im in band, play the clarinet, i can play the piano pretty well, i like old music, hip hop, r&b, jazz, alternative, symphonies, ect. Music will never die as long as im here. its everything to me, and i feel that it helps me. It's like a book, it takes you for a journey, and takes your mind off of things, or lets you focus on things. maybe symphonies and classical music isnt as prevalent as it should be, but it's there, and always will be. At least in my heart it will.
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          Jan 19 2012: Again music is dying was an expression and what I really meant was that it's quality is reducing. For instance is you compare the best band of 2009- Black eyed peas to the best band of 1669- The Beatles, you will have a clear winner!!

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