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Is Music dying?

The mainstream music today is just about alcohol and partying. It doesn't portray emotions, individual ideas, thoughts or sensible experiences and the music is generally auto tuned- talk about originality. Bands like Coldplay who one's were praised by critics for their sensible music and for song like Viva la Vida, are now trying to go mainstream by producing house music.
It's been proved by psychologists that house music to a large extend reduces the intellectual ability of ones mind. Also the Raps which generally involve usage of abusive terms have a negative effect on children.
Obviously most of what is mentioned above is my opinion and I personally like Classical Rock and symphonies. I generally listen to Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles and Mozart

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    Jan 16 2012: Music is not dying. Music from the 1900's will always live on; in fact, even being 13, I listen to mostly Beatles, Adele, Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Jethro Tull, etc. They are all great bands that changed music and made it better. Sure, music today is about bad things and not made from the soul, but do you really remember any of these songs? They fade away quick. There is still music out there that is soulful, beautiful and has meaning. Music gets us through lots of things; it will always be a big part of our lives :)
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      Jan 17 2012: Even I am 15 and listen to basically the bands you mentioned but that kind of music is not being produced anymore, to a large extent. The music produced today does fade ut quickly from our minds but then they come up with something which worse to irritate us. I agree there is still some good music but the problem is that it isn't attracting the attention it deserves.
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        Jan 19 2012: First off, shout out to the young people in an adult world! I'm 15 as well, and i love music. Really, there is no type of music that i dislike except for maybe heavy metal and screamo, because it scares me, haha. But music is my life, im in band, play the clarinet, i can play the piano pretty well, i like old music, hip hop, r&b, jazz, alternative, symphonies, ect. Music will never die as long as im here. its everything to me, and i feel that it helps me. It's like a book, it takes you for a journey, and takes your mind off of things, or lets you focus on things. maybe symphonies and classical music isnt as prevalent as it should be, but it's there, and always will be. At least in my heart it will.
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          Jan 19 2012: Again music is dying was an expression and what I really meant was that it's quality is reducing. For instance is you compare the best band of 2009- Black eyed peas to the best band of 1669- The Beatles, you will have a clear winner!!
  • Jan 15 2012: You may like this short video.
    Its from a satirical news show, but it actually addresses the current music industry quite well.

    Ironically (as some people have pointed out) had the satirical actor playing the singer and the song actually been released as authentic, it may been a hit with modern culture.
    Hilarious, but in a sad way.
  • Jan 17 2012: life music in public places is dying. some years ago we could enjoy a band playing in a pub. at that time our world was large but today the bands replaced with TV-sets and now we enjoy football matches. our world is put in a box.
    laws are made to forbid loud music in public places.
    they want us to watch TV which doesnt allow you to think, communicate. Hoa great is that?

    Now our world is even smaller; Iphones are smaller than TVs.
    does it allow you to communicate in pubs when you look at that screen?
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    Jan 16 2012: No it is evolving backwards
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    Jan 15 2012: Let me break it down in an equation: Music = Aggression + Dullness!
    Hm, what place do these performers have in the latter:

    ??? I'm just wondering ??? My opinion is that as long as there are singing hearts there will be ears who will gladly listen and I believe that won't change soon.
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    Jan 15 2012: It all depends on what you listen to. Music isn't dying, it's just getting harder to find.
  • Jan 19 2012: It’s not that music is bad or is dieing, I do enjoy Zeppelin, Metallica and other bands like that There are decent artists but it feels the meaning of what a true musician is declining. Since when is that last time we had someone revolutionized the industry or for just once have a good musician play just to play. It never feels like their heart and soul is in the music anymore. Try and listen to any of the historical greats not just the modern greats. Buddy Holly, Johnny cash, Ritchie Valens, Jimmy Hendrix what happened to those musicians are we so creativity numb. Now the leaders in Music today are artists like Taylor Swift, Rihanna, and a douche bag like john Mayer. Even scream bands like Slayer or Lamb of God where the single most important instrument is the voice isn’t even understandable. Probably before I get any further into this I should say this is more of an opinion then anything. I actually do enjoy some music from John Mayer and even a song or two from slayer. Its just I feel music isn’t the same anymore and I keep finding myself more and more disappointed with artists. I can’t say I hate the Musial talent of others or their ideas because maybe they really did put their heart and soul into it and I can’t see it.. I’m just angry because I think if some of the artists I mentioned earlier were alive today they would be so disgusted with us and how we have disfigured their music. Especially Holly and Valens. Basically the fathers of Rock and Roll “True” rock and roll would be so upset with what we have done with their music, their ideas, and their legacy. They might not even have shared their vision if they knew it would be turned into what we have today. It may sound sort of shitty but I’m a little glad my icons died in that 1959 plane crash in a way.they never got to see just how bad we made music. Just one person I want to be an artist more like the 1950’s and actually have people like them back. If there is another Holly or cash out there we need you
  • Jan 18 2012: No, Music is not dying.

    Music genres may well fall into and out of favour, as the fashion dictates, but music is not dying.

    My young son plays the Piano and music appears to be very much alive wherever he is...
  • Jan 17 2012: No.
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    Jan 17 2012: Music isn't dying... Great music, just isn't as popular as it used to be. Modest Mouse put out 13 years of pretty cool progressive rock. Red Hot Chilli Peppers evolved in a way I never would have expected. The Mars Volta, is almost as musically talented as Zeppelin in their early work. Explosions in the Sky, really came up with a brilliant take on classical music.

    I will admit that instrumentless pop, techno, and rap, are usually pretty awful, but even there you'll find some gems. Cee Lo, wrote a beautiful album of motown influence love songs, with a huge horn section and back up singers. Jun Seba, aka, Nujabes, who just passed away recently, incorporated some beautiful classic asian music, with well written hip hop.

    Aesop Rock, made some awesome rebel beat poetry. Mr. Woodnote, a random street performer, used a sampler and a saxophone ot make a great album. The Gorrillaz, made a lot of fun and unique music combining the talents of 100's of performers. There's lots of good stuff, you just have to search for it a bit.

    Deep lyrics just don't sell anymore. Pink Floyd and Sam Cooke are never coming back, into the mainstream. Their influence lives on however.
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    Jan 17 2012: I think that any scientist that proves something DOES THIS (even TAKING AWAY FROM X) never follows up with an idea that it moves X over THERE instead. It doesn't just simply disappear. Referring to House Music, I would just like to proclaim my love for techno and the like, although I do love all kinds of music. Techno is a new kind of thinking, and all traditionalists are going to say that, scientific proof aside, the new is bad. That thought is in all of us, in one way or another. I'm sure that one day THEY will say after all, techno might make you less in this, but more in this! Unless youre coke fueled, I guarantee people who dance to techno are healthier than those who sit on their ass at the piano for ten hours a day (although I am not going to deny the seemingly miraculous power of well defined and complex music.) But music is a new art form relatively, and everything goes in cycles. I think you should consider the frightening direction visual art is going in, because at least people can invoke quiet hours. When you consider a rap song or a house song, consider how you are seeing it. If it is a ganster rap song, are you listening to it as a rich boy on your computer, or someone who's friends were shot and shoot heroin? If its house, are you at a club with sweaty ladies and bumpin' crates? Are you moving to the music? Also I'd be curious to hear why you think Cold Play (generally or specifically this band) is 'sensible' music. Is it because they (specifically) use symphonic tones? Cause they have been using techno-tools all along.

    I guess finally I would say that music is an escape for people of every spectrum, and an escape can be as healthy as it can be dangerous and confining.
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    Jan 16 2012: I wouldn't judge the state of music by "mainstream" music or by critics. The independent music market has been steadily growing and has a steady, supportive audience. The top selling artist in 2011 was Adele, whose songs are neither about alcohol or partying, but deep emotions, relationships, and personal struggles growth (Adele was the sole reason why music sales grew for the first time in years).

    Also, it seems that your main criticism here revolves around lyrics and subject manner, which is only one facet of "music."

    I'd say that music is alive and well. When you consider the growth of sales (both in terms of actual music sold as well as music instruments), the continuing interest in music programs, and music related devices (mp3 players, stereos, and even smart phones) , it is clear that music is still an important part of our society.
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    Jan 16 2012: I liked your taste of music, just add U2 also for me. Well as you said, music is dying, is quite true, because in today's time also,if we go at good places where live performers are playing , we get to hear the golden collections from past like Comfortably numb, wish you were here, come as you are etc etc etc... which clearly indicates that there is something missing in today's music. Rise of kolaveri di also tells the same thing.
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      Jan 16 2012: Agreed. And U2 is one of my favorites. Bono is one of my favorite singers.
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    Jan 15 2012: Have you ever hear about the Japanese song?
    The mainstream music in Japan today is full of Inspiring song.
    I am a Chinese.And I feel sick of most Chinese songs .Except love,they left nothing.(The love i say is only between the male and the female,not include the love of friendship.)SO as South Korea songs.
    Therefore,I just notice the oricon but not billboard.
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    Jan 15 2012: First of all, i would like to commend you on your impeccable taste. What I had to come to terms with is that music is art. And as an art it also leverages its capacity to be a vehicle for story. (I too like Mozart even though I conceptualize his music as 'scales on steroids')

    I had to come to terms with my own prejudices to understand this. My children listen to music today that is not played on instruments. We went to listen to bands who played instruments that required knowledge and technical expertise. The instruments available today are on little turntables that you can buy at electronics stores. It took me a while to understand that it is a true instrument and requires knowledge and expertise to do correctly. Trust me, if you find someone that is not technically proficient with the new instruments, it is painful. As painful as learning the clarinet.

    Even though the music itself is coming out on new instruments and mixes of old instruments it still is an art, and as an art a reflection of experience. I really love what some artists are doing with layering. Think about that as a reflection of experience:)

    So while rap is not even near a reflection of my reality, I can have an understanding it is reflection of someone else's experience. As young people will do, they will try on others experiences. They are especially drawn to reflections of experiences their parents (society, authority) are against. So they will dwell there somewhat. In my day it was not alcohol and partying, In my day it was sex, drugs, and rock and roll.

    That being said, I am also a big fan of many new artists. Emotions, individual ideas, thoughts are still there. (I am not sure that sensible ideas ever were). I also really hate some of the new stuff. But that is what art does. It evokes an emotional response.
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      Jan 15 2012: I agree the music still is an art but art, by definition, should be aesthetically pleasing which the music being made today isn't, it's just catchy.

      Yes 40 years ago it was about sex and drugs but it was also about the counter-culture protests, peace and changing the world( Bob Dylan explains that) But i don't see black eyed peas(the most famous band today) preaching peace or coming up with songs which are against the war in Afghanistan, their 'Imma be' still haunts me. Moreover the old bands have made me think with their music, made me discover myself which the music being made today hasn't. And i wouldn't have complained if it was just me but there are others too who feel the same.

      What troubles me more is that despite of all mainstream musics flaws it still finds a large audience. So is my generation intellectually deficient?
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        Jan 15 2012: I disagree. Art has never intended to be aesthetically pleasing. It is supposed to be aesthetic yes. In the true sense of the word it should stimulate the senses. But it is supposed to make us question the status quo. Then and now.

        (and I gotta ask, you think Zeppelin was constructive? Stairway? Really?)

        No my friend. Art is a reflection and it should not be aesthetically pleasing if it is truly art. It might be, but to limit it to a pleasing experience limits the role of art.

        And besides, the independents will post their stuff for free on the internet. That will eventually turn the industry on its head. Not sure the music will get better though.
      • Jan 15 2012: Music is essentially stimuli to the brain (release of endorphins).
        Some music stimulates more people than other music, and some music is more stimulating to you. To label something right or wrong is subjective; What is "good" music to you, might not be "good" music to others and vice versa, but that does not mean that music is dying. If you don't like something (including music), it is typically because your brain is not stimulated to release any endorphins while that "something" is being wanted / or is occuring.

        As long as music is causing endorphins to be released, music will prevail.
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          Jan 16 2012: I completely agree but dying was just an expression, the point I raised was today, strangely, it's music through which children learn how to speak abusive words and also often disrespect women. should that be permitted? I know freedom of speech but the music is socially harmful.
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          Jan 16 2012: Wow Mr. Bapat, You did not put it that way before. While I truly agree that music should be allowed to express an experience, I do NOT think that type of music is appropriate for children. I have confiscated and deleted much inappropriate music from my children. They don't have to like it. I don't care. I am a parent and I take my job seriously.
          Of course I am not an idiot. I know that pushes the music underground and they will listen to it elsewhere. I will continue to model my values and behavior anyway. I know on the other side of adolescence they will get it.
      • Jan 16 2012: @Krishnesh @Linda

        Okay - that seems like a different discussion than what you Mr. Bapat initially asked, but thats ok.
        To say some music is not appropriate, is usually because it is not appropriate for yourself - hence the story about endorphins - what might trigger your endorphins to be released, does not necessarely trigger your childrens endorphins. Granted some of the music will contain strong language, but some of the music also contain very complex lyrics and rhymes not found anywhere else - I'm thinking about the rap genre.

        I think it is better to explain to your children what the lyrics are about - or even better ask them what they think the lyrics are about and make them realise that some of lyrics might be considered inappropriate in some situations.... rather than banning the music entirely.
        I believe most children will understand that it is wrong to disrespect women. Children (and even adults) that disrespect women, were typically not told that it was wrong.
        If you instead teach your children to distinguish between right and wrong (and still letting them choose their own music, no matter if is rap, classical, techno, trance, jazz, rock, pop etc.), you will teach them a far more valuable lesson.

        It is better to enlighen people, than to keep them in the dark. I think you can still be a responsible parent and take your job seriously with this approach.
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    Jan 15 2012: My parents had the same critics as you have on contemporary music.
    But I agree and love the idea that the music industry will collapse. Real talent then, which is everywhere, will get a better chance to reach the public.