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The bottom line is rooted in the physical and NOT in the spiritual.

The debate between those who hail spiritual existence as the source of the universe, hence promoting religious fervor for the faithful masses, and those who strip reality of the magic of faith, and submit to the dry, factual, scientific physical nature of reality, is generations old. This debate affects the majority of aspects of modern civilization, as its fallouts impact the path of our civilization's progress. Yet as evidence is gathered and compiled to prove AND EDUCATE about reality, it becomes evident that FAITH is secondary to KNOWLEDGE, and that SCIENCE precedes RELIGION, and that HOPE can and should be a matter of real prospect based on calculated input. Faith and ceremony as means for comforting and consoling, of easing the pain of troubled souls, and for organizing an orchestrated pattern of tradition, of imagining a supreme parent figure who bears the real responsibility in a divine form etc... All these are constructs of the human mind. The mind, however, is a contruct of chemical and physical building blocks. Can anyone prove otherwise, without resorting to faith?

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    Yes, I’d like to tell you, God is exist.

    There are key words describing human life preferences as living reality : the Physical Universe, the Inner Universe and the Divine Universe respectively

    Look at URL http://bit.ly/s9ZNqR page 1 and page 3, all generated from the human life preferences just mentioned : the Physical Universe (obtained through “Thruth or Scientific-based”) – Inner Universe (obtained through “Knowledge-based”) – Divine Universe (obtained through “Belief or Faith-based”) respectively

    Through our KV measurement ( URL http://bit.ly/s9ZNqR page 1 ), it means to assessing hypothetically the intensity of Nature Knowledge consciousness element factor within Knowledge continuum in the Universe all at once complementing Energy and Matter of the Universe. Knowledge Value (KV) measurement is an act to do what so called as “Renormalization”, (cited from Stephen Hawking, 2010), a mathematical technique designed to make sense of infinities in quantum theories.

    It is noted there is an important evidence that “The function of Knowledge is to linking up Science (Physical Universe) with Religion (Divine Universe)”

    If Divine Universe is the domain of spiritual activities, therefore I’m in agreement with Stephen Covey’s ....“We are not human beings on a spiritual journey. We are spiritual beings on a human journey.”

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