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The bottom line is rooted in the physical and NOT in the spiritual.

The debate between those who hail spiritual existence as the source of the universe, hence promoting religious fervor for the faithful masses, and those who strip reality of the magic of faith, and submit to the dry, factual, scientific physical nature of reality, is generations old. This debate affects the majority of aspects of modern civilization, as its fallouts impact the path of our civilization's progress. Yet as evidence is gathered and compiled to prove AND EDUCATE about reality, it becomes evident that FAITH is secondary to KNOWLEDGE, and that SCIENCE precedes RELIGION, and that HOPE can and should be a matter of real prospect based on calculated input. Faith and ceremony as means for comforting and consoling, of easing the pain of troubled souls, and for organizing an orchestrated pattern of tradition, of imagining a supreme parent figure who bears the real responsibility in a divine form etc... All these are constructs of the human mind. The mind, however, is a contruct of chemical and physical building blocks. Can anyone prove otherwise, without resorting to faith?

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    Derived from our Human System Biology-based Knowledge Management (HSBKM) model framework, consciousness in broad meaning is the attribute of Knowledge which is priorly given broad meaning also. Knowledge itself as confirmed with its semantic, is the product of “knowing tools”.

    .....Human Knowledge consist of 3 knowing tools. The first is Human Senses (Peripheral Nerves System incl. Autonomic Nerve System) as Primary Human Knowing Tools producing “Knowledge with Lower Consciousness” (KLC) representing human sense-taste-feeling-feel-flavor-sensation (= human senses). The second is Human Brain (Central Nerves System) as Secondary Human Knowing Tools producing “Knowledge with Medium Consciousness” (KMC) representing human reason-mind-intellect-intelligence-way-idea (= human mind). The third is Human Genomic DNA (DNA Consciousness) as Tertiary Human Knowing Tools producing “Knowledge with Higher Consciousness” (KHC) representing human will – desire – wish (= human conscience)...

    Further, human Knowledge is the integral part of broad Nature Knowledge. Knowledge, either Human or Nature Knowledge by nature is dynamic entity continuum characterized as having consciousness element factor (CEF) structure.... http://bit.ly/s9ZNqR

    We developed Knowledge Value (KV) measurement as KM metrics applied to Nature Knowledge continuum which is representing the Nature Consciousness as an absolute value scaling ratio ranging from 10 -38 (Planck number) applied to Knowon, our new proposed 5th fundamental force and consecutively KV = 5.0 applied to human Knowledge with Higher Consciousness (KHC) or accumulated to KV = 9.0 as human maximum possible score en route to infinity or goes beyond human KV. Therefore, KV is mean to assessing hypothetically the intensity of Nature Knowledge consciousness element factor within Knowledge continuum in the Universe.... http://t.co/7qHeHdJe
    • Jan 24 2012: Dear Md Santos, what you suggest here, and in your apparently relatively vast resarch as is evident in the links you provided is intriguing indeed. I must admit that currently, I do not feel that I am adequately equipped to grasp all the intricacies of your arguments and your presentation, yet I will try harder. I would like to applaud the fact that FAITH does not seem to be a factor in the theory you laid out. That is so refreshing.

      So... tell me bluntly: IS THERE GOD?

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