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Was the universe created by God, or by the Big Bang Theory?

i believe both to be true, but i wanted to know what your views are on this. Physics is such a subject where it is difficult to prove anything, therefore we rely on our own views/religions. The big bang sill remains a theory , and there is no way was can 100% say this is how it exactly started


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    Jan 14 2012: "The big bang still remains a theory, and there is no way was can 100%"

    You don't understand the meaning of theory. Do you know, besides the big bang, what else is a theory? Gravity. Do you believe in gravity?

    Theories are the results of seemingly endless scientific testing and supported by a large body of evidence. No, we can't know for sure, but that's what's great about scientific discovery. Based on the evidence at this time, we can assume a large explosion created the know universe we inhabit: the big bang.
    • Jan 15 2012: Hi Austin,
      Thanks for the contribution, however i do understand the meaning of the theory, i have studied it well and many other theories besides this.
      There is also the oscillation theory, alongside the theory in which the universe is getting smaller. Although the big bang has supported evidence there can never be a definite theory can there? Thus people's belief in god seems to be the solution to most answers, what do you think?
      'Do i believe in gravity'? Yes, however the main question in this would be where did gravity start? How did it some about? Spontaneously? Or was it god? What are your views?
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        Jan 16 2012: Hello Vicky,,

        I am sort of perplexed as to why God would be responsible for the big bang....For example, If Science tends to be more about the naturalistic and God more about the metaphysical and the Universe, being physical in nature, then how does god, being non-physical, plays an active role in the physical universe?

        The only answer I can think of is that the true nature of the universe is non-physical (but this only makes sense when we talk about quantum mechanics in relation to sub-atomic particals, which themselves may or may not be physical in nature)

        I'd be interested into what you think

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