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Was the universe created by God, or by the Big Bang Theory?

i believe both to be true, but i wanted to know what your views are on this. Physics is such a subject where it is difficult to prove anything, therefore we rely on our own views/religions. The big bang sill remains a theory , and there is no way was can 100% say this is how it exactly started


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    Jan 14 2012: Neither are definitive answers, that is the beauty of it. To be constantly enraptured in the wonder of the universe is what is unique to the human condition.
    • Jan 15 2012: Thank you brittney,
      I agree with your statement. The universe is a real 'beauty' though it is this 'wonder' which aggravates me since i just want to know how it all happened. i hope in the near future time machines will be invented...haha
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      Jan 16 2012: very true...but this does not mean that we just come up with answers to fill in the empty void....this also does not mean that we should have to willingly accept and then respect other propositions just because it is the status quo of the day...there is no wonder if one group claims to have all the answers and then is sheltered from criticism due to acceptable social norms...

      but as you mentioned, neither is definitive and that is actually the true beauty of such a topic....if you ask me it is sort of like a paradox.....

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