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how do you feel about a resource based economy?

if you havent heard of jacque fresco, you should google him. he believes the answer to every problem in the world is an RBE. im surprised that i cant find anything about him on this website. i wonder if there is a specific reason for that. this is a possible social movement that would "declare the earth and it's resources the common heritage of everyone living on this planet" it has nothing to do with communism, socialism, fascismor any other ism out there. nor is it a utopia. its about society realizing the monetary system is flawed and that there is a better way of living that would benefit every person on earth.

  • Jan 15 2012: the finite resources thing is false. there are many other sources for energy such as: geothermal, wind, wave , solar...(if oil is about to run out why arent we looking into this more?) infinite growth is also false... if we took advantage of our spaces and built our communities in a more efficient manner space and people would not be a threat either. making effiecient use of areas such as oceans and building upward we can conserve space. we can grow food indoors, hydoponically all year round- there is no reason for anyone to be hungry because they have no paper to buy food. population growth would slow due to the fact that people wouldnt be slaving away for paper so that equals more time for ecucation... more education means higher self esteem= more productive use of time. which also means happier people. for ex- if i didnt have to work all the time at a job i dont love i would be free to focus more on a career that i am more passionate about. but i have to pay the bills.
    money is a tool. just because a person has it does not make him or her wealthy. sure they can buy "stuff" with it but so? i want more time to do the things i love and to contibute to society. that to me is wealth- its sad that we all have different definitions of wealth. have either of you actually gone to the website and watched the documentaries? or are you letting your ego think for you? that just shows how uneducated people are about the project. its a way for everyone to reach their full potential with out having to worry- "do i go to school or work to pay bills". the resources are there whether we have the "money" to "pay" for them or not. as long as we keep moving forward and use technology as a tool to help us discover new ways to do things more efficiently we should never run out of stuff.
  • Jan 15 2012: Maybe im the only person who sees an approaching issue of having a society of expected infinite growth with finite resources at its disposal.
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      Jan 15 2012: surely not. you are in the majority with that view. the minority view is the following: infinite progress is possible using finite resources. for not the amount of stuff matters, but the quality of them. we live a life like 20x above the 1800 level, but it is not like an average 1800 guy had 0.2 horses, so the average 2012 guy has 4 horses. rather, the average 2012 guy has a car. the minority position is that through progress, we will see unthinkable wealth in the future. the majority view is what you seem to represent, that we have to stop progress or die.
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    Jan 14 2012: if you haven't heard of him, you don't read these forums.
    • Jan 14 2012: i know plenty about him from other websites and documentaries. i jsut ran a quick search here one day and nothing came back... thanks for the link.
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        Jan 14 2012: actually, my point was that there are many conversations about that venus project ... thing around here. while one would be one too many in fact.