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Is it worth your investment to have a coach show you a process for reaching higher self-awareness, for personal growth?

Is self-awareness important? would you invest monetarily or the time?

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  • Jan 14 2012: i have been thinking about this alot lately. i am all for learning more about myself and improving to the best of my ability. but unfortunately i have to pull the "broke" card. as wonderful as it would be to better my self awareness i dont have the money to pay anyone for their services. (all the more reason for a resource based economy) . . .
    i just went to your website and read what you do- i feel like this was meant to happen. i have been googling alot lately tryin to find ways to learn more about myself and improve the way i let things affect me. i look forward to reading more of your thoughts and ideas!
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      Jan 14 2012: Hi Sarah,

      Thank you so much for responding, I appreciate your honest feedback. This definitely gives me more insight on what's stopping people from making the investment and find a way to offer a more affordable service. I believe once you truly know who you are you, can eliminate confusion and make better decision, be more confident, have peace of mind and so much more.

      Since it's meant to be, please email me @ simplyblisslife@gmail.com I would love to talk you more and see how I can help you learn more about yourself.

      Be Blissful!

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