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What justice for Osni Mubarak?

Former Egyptian president Osni Mubarak is being judge for the murder of civilians during the revolt that took place there last year. Now that the army heads that have taken power are killing as many civilians,is there any more room to judge Mubarak without judging The Marechal Tantaoui?

Answering to that question maybe a turning point for the egypt's judiciary system's future.

  • Jan 13 2012: Its the common issue in the modern world where the only difference between the 'good guy' and the 'bad guy' is defined by little else than an arbritrary line. Sort of how a terrorist 'tortures' the people it captures, where as the battling military 'interrogates' its 'p.o.w's' or how one side can perform a 'diplomatic campaign to weaken a rogue nation', but the other side can perform an 'act of terrorism' when doing the same thing; Just statistics and specialized wording that defines who *needs* to be judged.

    So in answer to your question as to whether there is room to Judge Mubarak over Marechal : Yes..but hypocritically. Just like most cases.
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      Jan 14 2012: It's exactly how you said it. Unfortunately that's what causes us today to suffer injustice around the globe. We are mostly victims of the winer's justice syndrom. So I fear, Egypt may miss a turning point of its history.