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How could we relate to the world around us without the concept of time?

I have often wondered about what life would be like if I could not include the concept of time. It is in EVERYTHING we do, think, talk about, it is a component of life that is completely man made, it seems to me it is the glue that holds everything together? without it... what do we have? how do we explain? where do we stand?
what is NOW?
So, how would you explain " life" without time? the universe without Time? all your thoughts without implementing time?


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    Mar 6 2011: Very interesting topic Indigo, and you ask some great questions! I agree with you that time is a "man made" concept, and in my experience, life goes on just fine without being tied to time. I have not worn a watch for 20 years. I have a clock in the home, but very rarely look at it. I eat when I'm hungry, sleep when I'm tired, and often get lost in projects, especially the gardens, in a "timeless" way. If I have to catch a plane or something like that, I set an alarm, but usually wake up just before the alarm goes off. After not being dependent on the clock for awhile, the body, mind and heart adjusts, and I usually know within a few minutes what time it is. I've never had a challenge with "jet lag" because when I arrive at my destination, I am immediately in that time zone mentally and physically, and not concerned what the time was at the place I departed. I live in the moment, and that time is only NOW. So, you ask how would you explain life without time? SUBLIME!

    Being attached to time seems to cause quite a lot of stress. I often hear the complaint that there is not enough time. Time is what it is. Why stress over something we cannot change? What we CAN change, is our relationship with time. I highly recommend playing with the idea of not letting time rule your life. Try it on a weekend or vacation when you have no time committments. Let go of the clock and an attachment to time for awhile. It may be a little uncomfortable at first, but after the initial detachment, it feels very liberating:>)
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      Mar 13 2011: :) Love this post thank you Colleen

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