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How could we relate to the world around us without the concept of time?

I have often wondered about what life would be like if I could not include the concept of time. It is in EVERYTHING we do, think, talk about, it is a component of life that is completely man made, it seems to me it is the glue that holds everything together? without it... what do we have? how do we explain? where do we stand?
what is NOW?
So, how would you explain " life" without time? the universe without Time? all your thoughts without implementing time?


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    Mar 8 2011: If were talking about time at a more significant level. We start to look at magnetic frequency the origins of the planets structure. We see often depicted from NASA images the magnetic structures of the planet emerging from the planet much like an atom. The idea of time is only relevant to the how we perceive mass. Much like atomic clocks people develop in the same way. Those of us who can grasp specific concepts including molecular weight perceive time on a more precise basis and likely creates the perception of different operation amongst, in some cases actuality. It is possible based on human structure and likely homeopathic stability, the interactions we perceive in one another at a subconscious levels we can use location based partical mass, we call geostrings. The are typically dependent on the structure and inspiration of any one given area. This is why continuous building within a vision is significant as it produces productive occurrences amongst one character attributes. The balances of time as it relevant to people is creating diversification application such as New York City intricate business amongst an area of more uniform structure such as Denver.

    As for time as a material, we would have to assume all structures are created and held within people and is nothing we should concern ourselves with. Time as a material means dedicated resources and unless a structure encompassing incredible vision is first produced and people spend their overall capability to allow resources to be dedicated to faster space travel and time travel.. This therefore makes it major risk at times to allow an abundant amount of resources to progress without the overall progression to move forward. It still make myself wonder if over population divides the mass. With our current population rate we must presume that there is nearly an abundance of material mass energy and we are playing with in a game of reality to create more and therefore never short ourselves as people.

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