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How could we relate to the world around us without the concept of time?

I have often wondered about what life would be like if I could not include the concept of time. It is in EVERYTHING we do, think, talk about, it is a component of life that is completely man made, it seems to me it is the glue that holds everything together? without it... what do we have? how do we explain? where do we stand?
what is NOW?
So, how would you explain " life" without time? the universe without Time? all your thoughts without implementing time?


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  • Mar 7 2011: Life without time in a sense would be dull. Remember when you had those moments where you were "living life" ? If time was ignored as a factor in our lives and the universe, we would never have had or will have those awesome moments.
    Feelings are relative.
    i feel that you feel happy because you have felt sadness before. You are however unaware of this as it is in your sub-concious. When you find yourself in a situation where you are happy, it occurs as a result of your mind in it's sub-concious state comparing this current moment with past sad moments.
    Without the consideration of time, your mind would not be able to do this and moments would just be..well moments..with no emotions...numb.

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