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How could we relate to the world around us without the concept of time?

I have often wondered about what life would be like if I could not include the concept of time. It is in EVERYTHING we do, think, talk about, it is a component of life that is completely man made, it seems to me it is the glue that holds everything together? without it... what do we have? how do we explain? where do we stand?
what is NOW?
So, how would you explain " life" without time? the universe without Time? all your thoughts without implementing time?


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    Mar 4 2011: Maybe if we just lived in the moment without the baggage of the past or the pressure of the future, the world would be a more authentic place. Note that I do not mean the memories experienced are not remembered or that we do not have a will to move us from place to place. I'm simply suggesting that past and future loose their control of our minds in the present moment. Total freedom?

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