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I am noticing that more and more TED talks are not being subtitled, can someone explain why?

I am a sign language interpreter at the University of Minnesota, and I was so happy to see the dedication to creating subtitles on all of the TED talks. I didn't have to worry about me posting inaccessible information to my consumers and friends that are deaf. I am noticing that more and more talks are not being captioned or subtitled, could you please explain why this is happening? There is already a digital divide when it comes to people with disabilities accessing information on the web. I feel like TED should continue to role model accessibility for all people.

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    Aug 3 2012: Hi Nancy! Just to update this reply -- we're working now to pull as many TEDx talks as possible into our own player, where they can be subtitled and translated. Look for favorite talks from Tavi Gevenson, Drew Dudley, Brenda Braithwaite, Larry Smith and more to be added and subtitled soon!
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    Jan 13 2012: Hi Nancy, All TEDtalks are subtitled within few days of their posting. If it's Best of the web video or TEDx talk taken from youtube, then they don't have subtitles.