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True Wisdom is innate but I jsut wonder that how come it is leveraged by oneself? Probably by experience, education, travel etc..but there has to be something else..I am anxiously looking for that particular clarifications, debates so that if it is possible to aquier then let there be steps towards achieving it...


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    Jan 14 2012: Hello Everyone..The wisdom is in within each one of us & We drive it with our innated Reflections, The followings OR the Imitation to those Noble, Enlightened & humble beings..& also sharing & carving the educational way in any form for the betterment of this society & OUR Planet..

    Wise people (as correctely mentioned) does not have to leverage Wisdom it is seen like aFloating butter in the Milk, that mnans being in the worldly affaris but still not getting dissolved in it & loosing identity or the marks.

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