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True Wisdom is innate but I jsut wonder that how come it is leveraged by oneself? Probably by experience, education, travel etc..but there has to be something else..I am anxiously looking for that particular clarifications, debates so that if it is possible to aquier then let there be steps towards achieving it...

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    Jan 14 2012: Wisdom is innate. Experience is acquired.
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      Jan 14 2012: This is what I also believe but to go beyond the hhorizon of our thoughts Wandered for more enlightment on the same..Thanks!!
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        Jan 15 2012: You can "see" wisdom here:

        It has been there for billions++ years. Working non stop !! It's been there inside us all along. Only, we could collectively "see" it as of January 2012, when TED posted the presentation by biomedical animator, Drew Berry.

        By the way, what you see there, is what is happening inside one of our cells. We each have trillions of cells in our body. So do ?? the math !!

        I feel, that, is as "innate" as it can get ;-) :-)
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    Jan 14 2012: love applied with inteligence give us to be called "wise"!
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    Jan 14 2012: It's all good, lol. =)
  • Jan 13 2012: I detect some value or appreciation for wisdom here. Why try to be wise unless there is value? Seems to me wisdom is time oriented in that we learn from experience; we chose better options based on results from the past.

    Why desire a better way or choice? I like to think there is a divine Helper within us to help us recognize better choices and the sum of it all is a person experiences wisdom. Observing another person and hearing of their experiences may give you food for thought, but experiencing a situation leads to personal wisdom. Age does have its merits! I haven't heard of anyone who could buy wisdom anywhere. Stores don't offer discounts1

    Patience is a conduit through which we buy wisdom. We cannot learn everything in a couple of decades! And if we think about it, we are not alone, cannot live alone, and therefore we should find wise ways to relate to one another.

    There is lots of wisdom shared on this website. Fine business, this learning from others! Thank you to all!
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    Jan 13 2012: The answers are in three simple questions every time we lose track:
    Who am I?
    Where do I come from?
    Where am I going?
    We spend all our life solving those puzzles:
    30 years for each one and finally if we are lucky we can get some wisdom from the few lessons we had meanwhile. :)
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    Jan 13 2012: Why is it too early? I don't think you're a naive. Just your very question shows your wisdom and begins to redefine it.
    • Jan 13 2012: Amanda, may I ask you a question?
      who are you talking to?
      Just out of curiosity.
      (T.T Sorry.)
    • Jan 13 2012: My bad.
      It was Girish.
  • Jan 13 2012: Both of them are possible.
    But I suspect there are some people who are naturally smart, but not wise enough because of their bad temper or something like that. And there are other people who are not geniuses, but very considerate and wise.
    Unlike other talents, wisdom is not just for the gifted people.
    I believe wisdom is the mixture of knowledge, personality, experience, and his or her attitude toward the world.
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    Jan 13 2012: You can't leverage wisdom, but you can always leverage knowledge, which is what we gain from wisdom, isn't it?
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      Jan 13 2012: Thanks Amanda..I Agree that Wisdom cant be leveraged but our experiences & the knowledge...Apart from on reincrnation & meeting people has proved that our past by virtue of which our present has been defined & the present is defining the future..sometimes take me to a philiosiphical thought that innated wisdom can be taken further ..???!!!

      Also I m searching the connections that it might be possible to redifine WISDOM, but its too early for naive like me ...hope you can highlight..& people like you..Thanks!!!
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    Jan 14 2012: Hello Everyone..The wisdom is in within each one of us & We drive it with our innated Reflections, The followings OR the Imitation to those Noble, Enlightened & humble beings..& also sharing & carving the educational way in any form for the betterment of this society & OUR Planet..

    Wise people (as correctely mentioned) does not have to leverage Wisdom it is seen like aFloating butter in the Milk, that mnans being in the worldly affaris but still not getting dissolved in it & loosing identity or the marks.