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True Wisdom is innate but I jsut wonder that how come it is leveraged by oneself? Probably by experience, education, travel etc..but there has to be something else..I am anxiously looking for that particular clarifications, debates so that if it is possible to aquier then let there be steps towards achieving it...


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    Jan 13 2012: You can't leverage wisdom, but you can always leverage knowledge, which is what we gain from wisdom, isn't it?
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      Jan 13 2012: Thanks Amanda..I Agree that Wisdom cant be leveraged but our experiences & the knowledge...Apart from this..study on reincrnation & meeting people has proved that our past by virtue of which our present has been defined & the present is defining the future..sometimes take me to a philiosiphical thought that innated wisdom can be taken further ..???!!!

      Also I m searching the connections that it might be possible to redifine WISDOM, but its too early for naive like me ...hope you can highlight..& people like you..Thanks!!!

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