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What is your favourite single sentence from a TED Talk?

Credit to Emily McManus for this conversation: http://www.ted.com/conversations/10/what_s_your_favorite_single_se.html

I wanted to keep it going since it really can serve as an important place to store those most succinct and powerful utterances.

I was so struck by Aaron O'Connell closing remarks from his talk in the 4th session of TED2011. Poorly recalled is would be:
"Just as quantum objects are defined by their relationships to other objects, so to are people defined by our connections to other people".

If you can better the quote please do so.

Please share your favourites from TED2011 here.


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  • Jun 23 2011: TED x MVD by Pablo Casacuberta, something like this (and in Spanish, here is my humble translation): "Let´s do not think about the length of life but about its width".

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